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                                    "How Great Thou art"
        The Gospel of Christ through the Gospel Music Of Elvis 

He is known as the King of Rock and Roll, but the music that Elvis loved the most was gospel music. He sang gospel at every opportunity he had. He said that “It put his mind at ease.” He said that "Gospel music was the purest thing there is on this earth" This concert is all about a man’s search for God through the music he loved so much—no jumpsuits or impersonating, just the music that Elvis recorded and sang with all his heart. Along the way we’ll hear the story about how much this music meant to him and how it impacted his career. Most of all, we will lift up Jesus Christ and find that all the riches in the world do not bring happiness. Only a relationship with the King of Kings brings true joy and peace! Contact us today to have this concert at your church or event.


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